What are the different type's of Event ID's and their description in eScan client live updater under EMC?
Posted by - NA - on 25 June 2010 11:47 PM

Event ID     Description 
    1        mwav found malware
    2        mwav found virus and deleted
    3        mwav found virus_and cleaned
    4        mwav found adware
    5        mwav found error
  101        executable blocked.
  102        executable allowed.
  103        executable from usb blocked.
  104        executable already whitelisted and allowed.
  105        executable whitelisted by user.
  106        application control failed to start.
  107        application control error.
  108        usb drive blocked.
  109        usb drive allowed.
  110        usb already whitelisted and allowed.
  111        usb drive scan started.
  112        usb control failed to start.
  113        usb control error.
  114        usb device inserted.
  115        usb device removed.
  116        suspicious application blocked
  121        CD/DVD Inserted
  122        CD/DVD removed
  123        CD/DVD Blocked
  124        CD/DVD Allowed
  151        eScan Monitor Service Related Errors
  152        eScan Monitor Loaded
  153        eScan Monitor Unloaded
  154        eScan Updates are done
  155        eScan Updates are failed
  156        eScan Monitor Settings are modified
  157        eScan Monitor backup taken
  158        eScan Monitor backup restored
  159        eScan Monitor file restored
  160        eScan Monitor error
  181        eScan Monitor file infected
  182        eScan Monitor file renamed
  183        eScan Monitor file deleted
  184        eScan Monitor file disinfected
  185        eScan Monitor file suspected
  186        eScan Monitor file corrupted
  187        eScan Monitor file scan cancelled
  188        eScan Monitor file access denied
  189        eScan Monitor file print copy failed
  190        eScan Monitor file clean
  191        eScan Monitor file not scanned
  192        eScan Monitor file scan timed out
  193        eScan Monitor file scan failure
  250        Website visited
  251        Website Blocked
  300        Mail Virus Quarantined
  301        Mail Spam Quarantined
  302        Mail Reserved Attachment quarantined
  303        Mail partial message quarantined
  304        Mail corrupted message quarantined
  305        Mail HOP Count message quarantined
  306        Mail unscanned message quarantined
  307        Mail dangerous attachment quarantined
  308        Mail blank attachment quarantined
  309        Mail TNFF attachment quarantined
  331        Mail Virus deleted
  332        Mail Spam deleted
  333        Mail Reserved attachment deleted
  334        Mail Partial message deleted
  335        Mail Unscanned message deleted
  336        Mail dangerous attachment deleted
  361        Mail clean
  362        Mail Virus detected and cleaned
  363        Mail still infected
  364        Mail attachment replaced
  501        Scheduled mwav found malware
  502        Scheduled mwav found virus and deleted
  503        Scheduled mwav found virus_and cleaned
  504        Scheduled mwav found adware
  505        Scheduled mwav found error
  506        Scheduled mwav started
  507        Scheduled mwav summary         

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